[In Numbers] Why People Include Videos in Real Estate Listings

Time was when putting up a few descriptions of your home would be enough to close a deal. Not anymore. Nowadays, you’d be extremely fortunate to get a click. Yes, a single click. Oh, you’ve figured that out and have switched to using beautiful photos for more visits and better conversion? Bad news. You are still behind. The big players in the game have moved on and are into real estate videography.
As a real estate agent keen to advance to the next level, adopting real estate listing videos should be your number one strategy.


Social media and marketing tools are influencing buyers’ purchasing behaviour with videos playing a huge role. Real estate customers don’t just want to see images of properties they want to buy or rent; they want to experience it.

Real Estate Videography Stats that Prove the Effectiveness of Listing Videos

As a realtor, you know that numbers don’t lie. Here are some stats that show why home listing videos should be part of your marketing efforts.

  • A landing page with videos has an 80% or more conversion rate than one with none.
  • Real estate agents who use videos witness a 403% increase (5x) in visits to their properties.
  • 70% of homeowners who want to sell or rent out their apartment prefer to list with realtors that list properties in form of videos.
  • Customers spend 88% more time on websites that incorporate videos than sites that don’t.  
  • 85% of real estate marketers find listing videos effective.

More Visits

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More Conversion

How Do I Create Videos?

Thanks to the array of techy tablets, cameras and other devices, videos are easy to create.
However, if you want videos that can sell your properties, with there are various tools you can utilise to create videos with right music, cinematography and information. One of the best real estate video platform available today is Homeo.io.

Magnetic Videos

Homeo.io lets you make breathtakingly beautiful videos of your properties from professional photos you already have, enhancing appeal by 10x. It doesn’t end there. Poetic descriptions using enticing words summarise the features of your properties, leaving a mark on your customer’s mind.  You can even add moving music that increases the charm.

Easy as A-B-C

Our real estate video maker enables you to create amazing videos with minimal effort. In three simple steps, you can breathe life into your listings and double sales. It’s that easy.


You don’t have to part with hefty sums of money to create professional striking videos of your apartments, condos, commercial buildings and other properties. With Homeo.io, you get super affordable prices.

Homeo.io: Stunning, Poetic, Easy

To say real estate video tour is important is an understatement. Take advantage today.

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