How to add virtual tour to Zoopla in 3 steps?

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Adding virtual tours are very simple on Zoopla. All you need is the video link. You can generate link by uploading the tour we have generated to Vimeo, YouTube or any video site with good performance. It is even simpler if you have selected the "Get Uploaded to Youtube" add-on. You will receive link directly and save yourself some time.


Add virtual tours to Zoopla in 3 steps

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  1. 1
    Login and retrieve link

    from account. Check order section

  2. 2
    Edit listing

    and Navigate to Video/Virtual tour section

  3. 3
    Paste link

    and save. Changes will be live within an hour. Stunning, Poetic, Easy

To say real estate video tour is important is an understatement. Take advantage today.

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